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  Contagem, wednesday, december, 2, 2020.
 ::.. Economic Overview

Brazil is currently, along with China and India, a country with emphasis on the international scene, experiencing significant econom ic growth in recent years. In this scenario stands out the country's participation in global food production.

According to a study of OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) the world food supply will have to increase 20% over the next 10 years to meet a demand that is advancing rapidly. Also according to the OECD, in order to this percentage to be reached, the Brazilian agriculture will be the responsible for contributing with about 40.0% of thew hole.

It is important to note that Brazil is a world leader in the international export of major commodities such as sugar, cellulose, orange juice, tobacco, chicken and beef. Brazil occupies the second position in world ranking of soybean exports. In this context, the realization of WUWM in Brazil is a great opportunity for its members and event participants to see, firsthand, all the transformation and changesthat Brazil has been coming through, especially in agriculture.

Unit Contagem
Rodovia BR-040 km 688 - Kennedy
Contagem, MG, Brazil. CEP: 32.145-900
Telefone: +55-313399-20

Unit Uberlândia
Rodovia BR-050 KM 76 - Segismundo Pereira
Uberlândia, MG, Brazil. CEP: 38.408-369
Telefone: +55-343234-1277

Unit Juiz de Fora
Avenida Doutor Simeão de Faria, nº 2525 - Santa Cruz
Juiz de Fora, MG, Brazil. CEP: 36.088-000
Telefone: +55-323222-5460

Unit Barbacena
Rodovia BR-040, km 698 - Caiçara
Barbacena, MG, Brazil. CEP: 36.204-666
Telefone: +55-323331-6242

Unit Caratinga
Rodovia BR 116, Km 529 - Nossa Senhora das Graças
Caratinga, MG, Brazil. CEP: 35.300-970
Telefone: +55-333321-72

Unit Governador Valadares
Rodovia BR 116, Km 413 - Turmalina
Governador Valadares, MG, Brazil. CEP: 35.042-060
Telefone: +55-333221-29

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