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Producers' Packing House

Producer's Packing Houses are units installed in rural municipalities with tradition and / or vocation in the production of vegttetables and fruits. It is basically a shed equipped with appropriate structure for the unloading / loading, sorting and packaging of products. This structure enables the modernization of post-harvest and marketing and serves as a support to producers to access market information. It is also used as technical assistance jobs through meetings and courses related to the production and marketing.

Boxes Bankl

It is a unit set up for selling or renting, receiving, sanitizing, stocking and delivering standardized plastic packaging as required by Brazilian law. Its operation began in October 2011, and its results are expected to improve the quality of the product, the standardization of marketing weighs, reduction in loss and cost reduction. The bank boxes modernize the sector, since the Brazilian pac kaging are still based on the old model, which adopts returnable wooden boxes.
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Producer Market

It is an specific area directed only to producers of Minas Gerais, within the wholesalecomplex, to facilitate the sale of horticultural products. The space has a low rental cost for producers, with a spaceto promote and strengthen the local agriculture.
There are about 11,000 producers registered with the Producer Market, of which 3,000 are in active trading market. There are 10 entities, within associations and cooperatives

Market Security

The Ceasa Minas has a security structure in their warehouses to ensure tranquility to operators in the wholesale market. In its largest warehouse there are, in addition to the monitoring carried out by the military police and private security guards, the support for 100 electronic cameras that monitor all warehouse at strategic points.

Future Projects

The CeasaMinas has been working to increase its expansion, once the company can increase its participation in wholesale trade of horticulture, which has been demanded by the market itself.
In its expansion over the next two years, there are previsions for the construction of a pavilion to accommodate the growing trade of flowers and organic products, market which lacks an area that is tailored to their specific needs. Additionally, there are also plans to the construction of two buildings for the traditional trade in horticultural products.
Finally, for the next two years, it is expected to be launched a college in the wholesale complex, which will be of great importance to all those who attend the warehouse, as well as for the region next to it.

Environmental Reserve

The CeasaMinas environmental reserve has been recognized since 2005, with an area of 17.0 ha (41.99 acres), where the preservation of the fauna, flora and water sources occur, including replanting of seedlings.

Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) plays a strategic role in our organizations, as business processes become dependent on IT resources available. Mainly public organizations which perceive the value of IT in its efficiency and effectiveness of services provided to society, the proper use of resources and the added value to the organization.
For the SupplyCenter of Minas Gerais is no different. Aware of the role that plays in food security policy of the state and country, CeasaMinas looked for the technical support of IT,to define its actions, while develops various strategic projects, some heavily based on the use of IT.


Provide market operators with state-of-the-art mobile technology to increase effectiveness and assertiveness Research access credentials for producers, households and autonomous; Occupation Management of the Producer's Free Market dividing in sections a and sales with the use of trucks;
Market Information;
Consulting dealers / contracts; Access to Market Regulation; System of fines and tax es; Application of Marketing Research.


Availability of devices with services and information for all users of the markets, in order to streamline operations, ensure symmetry in access to information, public utilities services, strengthen their brand and increase the relationship and interaction with the public.


Integrated system that manages the entire operation of a wholesale market, registering all operators, managing their activities and peculiarities to enhance the focus onspace occupation, and the logistics of use and distribution of the food supply.

Food Bank

The Food Bank management system manages the entire process of collecting donations, storage, processing, transfer and donation
Electronic Document Management
System that works withthe knowledge management and informati on in CeasaMinas, ensuring the integrity, security, flexibility and asymmetry in access to themarket's documents archives.

Detec Web

Manages all market information in the warehouse and is a national reference, operating through an agreement with the National Supply Company, inthemain whole sale markets in Brazil.It was responsible, during 2011, for the information managementof 5 million tons in Brazilian warehouses.

Social Projects

he CeasaMinas has been developing social actions with society in education, food security, health, and promoting the rights of children and adolescents in order to improve the quality of life of its users.
Standing out Prodal Food Bank is an initiative of supply and food safety that collects food from donations, which after analysis and selection are freely distributed to social institutions, whose beneficiaries are people with social and food distress. A partnership between CeasaMinas, The Federal Government, Association of Producers and Traders of the warehouse transform this program into a reality that since its foundation has raised more than 9 million pounds of food. Currently, it serves about 200 social institutions spread across 29 local cities, which benefit every day over 33,000 people.
Another action that stands out is education, projects installed within the market allows the literacy of young people and adults who work and / or are part of local communities, through the School CeasaCidadã, an agreement with the City Contagem, which helps each year approximately 100 students.
Also in the area of education the Digital Telecenter Citizen of the Community, also installed within the market, allows the dissemination of digital information and communication through courses offered free of charge to workers and communities nearby the warehouse. Per year there are about 160 people who are attended by this program. The initiation of these young professionals and adults is also a concern of the CeasaMinas, and a partnership with NGORede Cidadã (Citizen Network) provides training and insertion into the labor market.
In the area of health CeasaMinas, along with the Contagem City Hall, maintains the Center for Health Protection of Workers' where vaccination campaigns are conducted and lectures for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases - STDs, chronic diseases - NCDs (diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia among others) and stress, always looking to improve the quality of life for all the workers in the CeasaMinas


Unit Contagem
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Contagem, MG, Brazil. CEP: 32.145-900
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Rodovia BR-050 KM 76 - Segismundo Pereira
Uberlândia, MG, Brazil. CEP: 38.408-369
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Avenida Doutor Simeão de Faria, nº 2525 - Santa Cruz
Juiz de Fora, MG, Brazil. CEP: 36.088-000
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Unit Barbacena
Rodovia BR-040, km 698 - Caiçara
Barbacena, MG, Brazil. CEP: 36.204-666
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Unit Caratinga
Rodovia BR 116, Km 529 - Nossa Senhora das Graças
Caratinga, MG, Brazil. CEP: 35.300-970
Telefone: +55-333321-72

Unit Governador Valadares
Rodovia BR 116, Km 413 - Turmalina
Governador Valadares, MG, Brazil. CEP: 35.042-060
Telefone: +55-333221-29

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